As someone who often resists change and generally likes things to be perfect, I find that working with natural subjects like sky and water opens my mind and my lens to other truths.  I become more flexible, and my apparent need for order abates!  In the constantly changing cloud formations I observe, there is beauty in flux itself, and grace to be found in embracing the constant and inevitable rhythm and flow of the natural world. 


In my work as a residential interior designer, I am aware that the home is both refuge and inspiration.  I strive to create a space which affords people a measure of peace in an increasingly chaotic world.  In my photographs as in my interior design work, I try to create images of calm magnificence.  I hope that the viewer will feel even momentarily transported to a dreamy place of quiet such as we experience after the passage of a storm.   


Nonetheless, a home should not be a static hiding place, but rather a living expression of what we love and value.  It should inspire us.  Similarly,  by my photography, I hope to awaken in my viewers a feeling of awe.  Inherent in moving water or even the upper blossoms of a flowering tree is a powerful message of change and mutability which is at the core of all life.


As for my desire for perfection, again, my camera is the best teacher.   There, in the asymmetric rush of water on the beach or the intrusion of an ungainly tree on the horizon are sources of unexpected beauty in imperfection itself.


Wells College in Florence, Italy, 2004

B.A. Art History, Hobart and William Smith College, 2005

A.S. Interior Design, New York School of Interior Design, 2012


Group Shows:

Miss Porter’s School Alumnae Art Show, Farmington, CT, 2012

Renbrook School Alumni Art Show,

West Hartford, CT, 2015


Individual Shows:

Millrace Books Foyer Gallery,

Farmington, CT, 2006

Cosi’s, West Hartford, CT,  2009

La Petite France, West Hartford, CT, 2010

ROOM, Greenwich, CT 2016

Art to the Avenue, Greenwich CT 2018

Vineyard Reflection
Spring 1
Where No Storms Come
Light Rush 1
Wave 1
Where the Gaze Was Not
Flow 3
Generations Have Trod
Green Swell
Clarity 2
Blush Ignite
Swing of the Sea
Beach 1
Words of Good Intent
Abstract Chill
Gladness from the Skies


"I find that working with natural subjects like sky and water opens my mind and my lens to other truths." 


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